Concrete Anchor Installation

Epoxy or Mechanical Anchors installed precisely and quickly.

Concrete Anchor Installation

Concrete inserts and Concrete Anchors are used to connect objects to masonry or concrete. Examples might be machine bases, cell phone towers, crane bases, or simply dowels. Anchors typically are mechanical type or an adhesive anchor depending on the potential load. These static and dynamic loads should be reviewed by an Engineer and typically come specified. If your project requires the installation of anchors, we can provide the drilling service and/or the anchor installation. We use mechanical anchors daily for our cutting operations.

We also have several personnel trained at each location to install adhesive anchors. For both types of anchors, hole depth, hole scoring and dimensions are critical characteristic when installing. Adhesive anchoring is required by engineering specifications due to the strength of the epoxy. Multiple manufacturers use two part systems to create strong contact points. Embedments (ex: rebar, threaded rods, and posts) can achieve “pull-out” strengths greater than the concrete itself. In many cases, a structural grout is more than enough strength to secure the anchor point. These adhesives can also be used to fill cuts and holes in concrete to give structural concrete more strength. If you need us to remove old anchor points, we can do that as well. Ohio Concrete has tools to help you complete your anchor installations of any size and quantity.

Featured Project:

Tower - Concrete Footer Anchor Installation

Tower- Concrete Footer Anchor Installation