Concrete Surface Preparation

Prepare your concrete with a smooth, flat, clean finish that your new floors will love.

Any flooring option installed over concrete requires a smooth, flat, and clean substrate. In addition, there may be residual product leftover, including carpet glue, tile mastic, or epoxy paint. Old products must be completely removed for the new flooring product.

If you have loose concrete on the surface, we grind this off and get to a sound surface. Surface patching can fix imperfections. We utilize a series of joint fillers and patching compounds to make sure the floor is prepared per the flooring manufacturer’s requirements.

In special applications, large stock removal is required so that the new flooring installation will meet adjacent flooring. Terrazzo typically requires the removal of ¾” of concrete stock when installing in an existing building. The shaver can remove the stock necessary for the terrazzo or patching compounds.

It is very important to ensure the subsurface of your flooring is structurally sound. If your floor is in a bad state of disrepair, toppings and cementitious underlayments can be installed to create a solid substrate for which you can install flooring over. We can handle the prep and installation of self-leveling toppings.

If you want to just have the flooring removed and get back to a plain concrete floor, we recommend densification and sealing to prevent off dusting. When you grind concrete and open up the surface it is susceptible to staining. Off Dusting is a concrete behavior that occurs when the top skin is removed from concrete. The result is that the concrete kicks off dust and no matter how much you clean it continues to off dust.

Remove Old

  • Paint
  • Epoxy
  • Glue
  • Mastic
  • Carpet Adhesive
  • Tile Mortar
  • Thinset
  • Uneven Joints
  • High Spots
  • Damaged Concrete

Prepare for New

  • New Paint
  • New Epoxy
  • New Carpet
  • New Tile
  • Polished Concrete
  • New Flooring
  • Concrete Sealer
  • Topping