Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you cut material other than concrete?

A: Yes. Although Ohio Concrete Sawing & Drilling specializes in concrete, we can cut through brick, asphalt, steel, wood, refractory brick, and solid granite. Ohio Concrete cannot cut through ground frost.

Q: How far will you travel to do a job?

A: While most Ohio Concrete jobs are within 100 miles of our offices in Toledo, Dayton, and Cincinnati, we will travel as far as necessary to meet our customers’ needs.

Q: Can you drill a hole into a ceiling or on an angle?

A: Yes, Ohio Concrete's drilling rig can be set up to operate upside down and can be adjusted to drill on any angle.

Q: What is the deepest hole you can drill?

A: With Ohio Concrete’s drilling equipment, the depth of a hole is almost unlimited. The deepest hole Ohio Concrete Sawing & Drilling has drilled is 120'!

Q: Do you have to use water when sawing?

A: No, it is possible to saw without water. However, when sawing dry, dust can be difficult to control.

Q: How thick of a wall can you saw?

A: Ohio Concrete is able to cut 30" deep, which allows us to cut through a 60" wall. However, if Ohio Concrete Sawing & Drilling has a request for a deeper cut, larger blades are available and would be purchased to handle the job.

Q: Can you saw a ceiling?

A: Yes, ceiling sawing, as well as sawing at difficult angles, is well within Ohio Concrete Sawing & Drilling's capabilities.

Q: How deep can you saw a floor?

A: As with wall sawing, Ohio Concrete Sawing & Drilling has the ability to cut 30" deep. Larger blades can be purchased if deeper cutting is required.

Q: How close can you cut to an adjacent wall?

A: Ohio Concrete is able to cut flush to the wall.

Q: Do you have any specialized sawing applications?

A: Ohio Concrete Sawing & Drilling is able to groove floors to improve traction in slippery areas, grind the surface of slabs to eliminate uneven floor surfaces, and create rumble strips to slow traffic.

Q: Can you install bumper posts?

A: Yes, and we stock all necessary components.