Concrete Demolition with Advanced Robotic Technology

  • Ohio Concrete - Demolition Robot

    Ohio Concrete - Demolition Robot

At Ohio Concrete, we're leading the way in innovative demolition techniques with our advanced robotic demolition services. This state-of-the-art approach involves deploying highly specialized robots, meticulously engineered and operated to dismantle a variety of structures including buildings, bridges, and complex infrastructure with unmatched efficiency and safety. The core advantage of employing robotic demolition lies in its ability to enhance job safety, achieve pinpoint accuracy in deconstruction tasks, and significantly speed up the demolition process.

Our robots are controlled via Bluetooth technology, allowing Ohio Concrete's skilled operators to steer the demolition process from a safe distance, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring the well-being of our team. This remote operation capability also grants us the precision needed to navigate challenging demolition scenarios with ease. The versatility of our robotic demolition systems means Ohio Concrete can adapt to a broad spectrum of environments and conditions, ensuring we deliver top-tier demolition solutions across a diverse range of project requirements.

By integrating Ohio Concrete's robotic demolition services into your project, you're not just choosing a demolition solution; you're opting for a safer, faster, and more precise approach to dismantling structures, backed by the expertise and innovation Ohio Concrete is known for in the industry.

We service all of Ohio, with offices in Toledo, Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland , Akron and Columbus. We also serve the surrounding areas of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.

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Why Robotic Demolition for Concrete Projects?

Precision and Control: Our robotic demolition units are engineered for intricate demolition tasks, offering unparalleled precision. This means we can target specific structures without compromising the surrounding area, preserving the integrity of your site.

Enhanced Safety: The safety of our team and your site is our top priority. Robotic demolition allows for remote operation, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safer work environment.

Eco-Friendly Approach: Our electric-powered robots operate without emitting harmful fumes, making them an ideal choice for indoor and environmentally sensitive areas. This commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our operations.

Accessibility and Versatility: Designed to navigate through standard doorways and operate in confined spaces, our robots can reach areas that traditional equipment cannot. From interior spaces to tight urban sites, we have the capability to address diverse demolition needs.

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Ohio Concrete Robot Digging


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Robotic Demolition For Your Next Demolition Project

At Ohio Concrete, we leverage the power of robotic demolition technology to transform construction and renovation projects. Our state-of-the-art robotic systems are expertly deployed across a wide range of applications, showcasing the versatility and precision of our services:

Comprehensive Building Demolition

Our robotic systems excel in the strategic dismantling of buildings, allowing us to surgically remove concrete elements with minimal risk to surrounding structures. This precision ensures a safer and more controlled demolition process.

Bridge and Highway Enhancements

Ohio Concrete's robots play a crucial role in bridge and highway maintenance, adeptly navigating challenging structures to remove compromised concrete. This capability allows for essential repairs without significant traffic disruptions.

Advanced Tunnel Rehabilitation

In tunnel rehabilitation projects, our technology ensures the safe extraction of aged or damaged concrete, paving the way for vital infrastructure improvements and enhanced durability.

Industrial Flooring Overhauls

We specialize in the removal of outdated or damaged concrete flooring in industrial environments, preparing sites for new installations or upgrades with efficiency and precision.

Precision Concrete Surface Profiling

Our robotic services are instrumental in creating meticulously textured surfaces, essential for projects requiring enhanced adhesion, such as road resurfacing and airport runway renovations.

Specialized Concrete Repair and Patching

Our robotic systems are adept at excising damaged concrete sections, preparing the way for thorough repairs or patching to maintain and restore structural integrity.

Ohio Concrete's robotic demolition services embody the pinnacle of precision, safety, and efficiency, making us a leading force in the construction and maintenance industry. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that every project we undertake is executed with the utmost professionalism and technological expertise.

Access To 'Hard To Reach' Areas

These low impact tools really help make a difficult job safer. The pictures below show a couple of the uses. This Robotic Demolition helps your job go faster and safer.

These machines are electric and come equipped with buckets, hammers and munchers. These unique tools allow Concrete Cutters to remove concrete walls, ceilings and beams safely with remote operation. Great for hard to reach areas.

Recent News: Robotic Concrete Demolition "Gets The Job Done"

Ohio Concrete Sawing and Drilling was hired to remove a 24’ x 13’ vault ceiling in a medical office building. The 6” concrete ceiling was not load bearing but it was installed with less than a foot of space from the structural ceiling above it making cutting on top very difficult. Another option was to upside down track saw cut the ceiling a piece a time and drop each piece. This adds time and cost for shoring. It also adds an element of danger as the saw operator has to work under the ceiling.

The best solution was our Husqvarna Robotic Demolition. This robot was able to punch holes in the block and work the ceiling down from outside the room without any risk for harm to the robot or personnel. It runs off 480 Volt , 3 phase power so fumes were not an issue. We were able to minimize cost, risk, and time impact with the use of this unique tool.

We provide different models of the Husqvarna Robotic Demolition and also one that is a bit larger and packs a bigger punch. Both tools come with buckets to dig, hammers that pack a punch, and crushers to break concrete. These tools are small and great for any demolition project you have. If you are scratching your head about a project, call our sales team today and let us help you solve that concrete problem.

More Robotic Demolition Applications Videos

Robot Wall Sawing - Our wall saw robot was used to remove a 6" x 6" x 30' section of concrete.

Robotic Demolition in Action - Our Robotic Demolition can crush, hammer, and dig remotely so that the operator is safely away from the work location.

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