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Toledo, Ohio Office

Main Office (419) 841-1330 | Fax (419) 843-6203 | 1-800-333-5730

Ohio Concrete Toledo.jpg


  • 8534 W. Central Ave, Sylvania, OH 43560
Ohio Concrete Chris Gwozdz.jpg

Chris Gwozdz

  • Manager

Corey Schroyer

  • Sales Rep

Cleveland / Akron, Ohio Office

Akron Office

Cleveland / Akron

  • 1100 Evans Ave, Akron, OH 44305
Akron Matt Hodge.jpg

Matt Hodge

  • Manager
Akron Dave Knirk.jpg

Dave Knirk

Scheduling Dispatcher

Akron John Gibbs.jpg

John Gibbs

  • Sales Rep

Dayton / Cincinnati, Ohio Office

Dayton Office

Dayton / Cincinnati

  • 314 Conover, Franklin, OH 45005
Dayton Jamison.jpg

Jamison Gee

  • Manager
Dayton Kash Deaton

Kash Deaton

Scheduling Dispatcher

Columbus, Ohio Office

Columbus Office.jpg


  • 2935 E. 14th Ave, Columbus, OH 43219
Columbus Jim Hempy.jpg

Jim Hempy


Columbus Bobby LItz.jpg

Bobby Litz

Scheduling Dispatcher

Bill Earl OH Concrete.png

Bill Earl

Sales Rep

Columbus CJ Harrison.jpg

C.J. Harrison

  • Office Manager