We are fortunate to work on some of the most unique problems in the World.

Hydraulic wire saw in action

Plane Ole Cutting

Normally, the components of an aircraft are either recycled or repurposed to fix other planes. But this plane's destiny is an extraordinary one - it will be transformed into a luxurious "glamping" destination. Read more about how our team overcame these tricky challenges.

12" Concrete Beams Need Removed

Project Façade Face Lift

An old decorative façade from an existing storage facility needed removed. Read more about how our team, OCSD, removed an old, decorative façade.

Removal Of 129' Tall Smoke Stack

No Job Too Big or Tall - Removal of 129" Tall Smoke Stack

A smoke stack that was used in 1929 when boilers were powered by coal was ready to be taken down. Read more about how our team demolished it during hurricane season. >>