Concrete Breaking and Removal

Our heavy equipment can reduce costs.


Concrete typically weighs 150 pounds per cubic foot. In order to safely move pieces of concrete, it usually requires powerful equipment to cut, break, and move. Since we have the ability to remove large pieces, we can typically reduce cutting costs.

Ohio Concrete Cutting removed over 1.2 million pounds of concrete from the University of Michigan Medical Center. This was done using entirely electric tools and excavators. The use of electric tools eliminated carbon monoxide fumes and minimized the noise. Sawing also eliminates excessive vibrations normally associated with hammering removal.

Featured Project: Concrete Removal 129' Tall Smoke Stack

Location: The Breakers Hotel, West Palm Beach, Florida

Removal of 129' Smoke Stack

Our sister-company, ABC Concrete Cutting Inc. was contracted by The Weitz Company to remove a smoke stack which was part of the original construction of the Breakers Hotel built in 1929 when the boilers were powered by coal.

The smoke stack structure was 129’ tall, 16’ at the base and 10’ at the top, and was made of concrete and brick.

The demolition project took a little less than two months to complete while in the midst of hurricane season.

A wind meter was installed at the top of the scaffold to monitor wind strength. If winds reached above 50 miles an hour the project was shut down. If they reached over 80 miles an hour the scaffold would have to be disassembled....fortunately, the winds never got above 50 miles per hour during the operation.

The steel bands were the tricky part! ABC Concrete Cutting installed ratchet straps above and below each steel band prior to cutting them, not knowing whether or not the wall would come apart and collapse the structure after cutting the bands. This was especially critical due to the fact an adjacent building was in use during the entire process.

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