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Concrete Demolition With Electric Mini-Excavator

Multiple bucket sizes and concrete breaker attachments are available to meet any job’s requirements. This mini excavator is perfect for any interior excavation. If you need, we can provide the manpower to excavate, remove spoils, backfill, and install concrete. The 220V single phase / 480V three phase electric motor conveniently plugs into our trucks or your facilities’ power. This electric excavator will dig to a depth of 5 feet and fit through a 34” wide doorway. Plumbing and electrical trenches are a great use of this tool. This tool can be a huge time-saver for your project.

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100% Electric, Fume-Free Tools. Concrete Sawing, Removal & Excavation

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100% Fume Free for Safety

100% Fume Free for Safety

GPRS - Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, outgrew the building they built a few years ago. GPRS has grown to over 250 employees that have a presence in every major city in the U.S. GPRS purchased an existing building on Monroe St. and needed a new training slab for their new employees.

The new training slab required removing 1250 sq. feet of existing concrete, excavating 1100 cubic feet of the dirt below the slab prior to installation of the conduit, new steel, post-tensioned cables that will be in the new training area.

Because the building is occupied and very busy, Ohio Concrete Sawing and Drilling used their electric saws, electric fork truck, electric excavator along with electric concrete polishing equipment to complete this work with minimal noise and 100% fume free.

GPRS decided to polish the finished slab because the training slab will be marked up every week as they bring in new employees to train. The old markings will need to be completely erased prior to a new training class testing their skills to locate the items contained in the concrete.

Removal Of Existing Slabs Of Concrete

Removal of existing slabs of concrete

Excavation Of Dirt Below The Slabs

Excavation of dirt below the slabs

Installation Of Conduit, Steel & Cables

Installation of conduit, steel, and cables

Polished, Concrete Training Slab Completed

Polished, concrete training slab completed

If you have a project within a hospital, retail store, or any occupied structure where fumes and noise are a problem, give us a call and ask about our fume-free 100% electric tools!