Concrete Safety Grooving

This process is great for reducing slip hazards for animals and people .

Slippery conditions arise when debris, dirt, or water is on the surface with nowhere to go, so safety grooves allow for improved traction on inclined surfaces, ramps, and sidewalks.

Concrete safety grooving can create grooves and different patterns to achieve a variety of depths, spacing, and width.

One of the most common uses for this product is for animal farms. Hoofs do not naturally find traction on concrete.

In addition to grooving, we can “texturize” the surface in order to make the concrete extremely rough. This process was used to prepare surfaces for bonding with epoxy or concrete toppings. We never thought there would be a use for this product in the animal husbandry field.

Ohio Concrete textured the University of Findlay’s horse stables to increase the traction of the concrete for horses. After texturing the aisles, a concrete hardener was used to ensure that the surface was sealed and durable.

Concrete Safety Grooving
Concrete Safety Grooving With Concrete Hardener