Concrete Milling & Scarifying

Removing concrete from the surface quickly with our line of dry tools.

Concrete milling utilizes a “stack” of saw blades to remove the top surface of the concrete slab. This milling or shaving device is a complete dry operation when used in conjunction with our large HEPA filtration vacuums. Concrete can be milled in 1/8” Passes effectively. This is great for lowering the height of the floor or the overall thickness of the slab. It is very difficult to remove more than a half an inch and not recommended for large areas.

Concrete scarifying is slightly different from milling. This tool uses carbide cutters on a drum that act as “tiny jackhammers”. They slowly remove the surface of the concrete with a less aggressive approach. This is a much more controlled process of concrete stock removal. This leaves a much less aggressive profile which is great for sidewalk trip hazard removal or raised joints. Can be operated dry or wet.

Ohio Concrete can determine the right tool and process solution for your concrete problem! Click here to contact our experienced commercial contractors today for more information and price estimate.

Featured Project: Industrial Non-Slip Concrete Milling Surface Created by Shaving a High Tracking Profile

University of Findlay contacted Ohio Concrete to give them a surface with a very rough surface for their horse stables. Their animals were slipping when the stables were wet or had accumulated dirt. The remedy was created by our Shaver. Its profile can leave a ripple effect that makes for an extremely rough surface.

In addition to creating a rough profile, this milling machine can take stock off concrete at a rapid rate. It has been utilized to take floors down so that flooring could be installed to match elevations of existing flooring.

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