Concrete Boot Installation in Manholes

Call us with the pipe type and sizes and we will drill the holes and bring the pipe connectors.

The EPA requires watertight connections for all sewer connections containing waste water. This includes pipe connections to concrete structures of various shapes. Ohio Concrete provides a rubber boot that will ensure a watertight connection between the concrete structure and the sewer pipe.

Our office stocks a large quantity of Kor-n-Seal boots in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. This style of boot can be installed with a simple socket set; with that, the stainless steel hardware is prepared to last a lifetime.

In order to bring the correct boot, you can use the selection guides below to identify or we can help. You will need the following information.

  • Pipe Diameter of the pipe being added

  • Pipe Material (Cast Iron, PVC, Concrete, etc)

  • Structure thickness and diameter of hole being cored

In addition to sewer boots, the specifications on occasion require the use of link seals. We do not stock these, but can help you locate and secure sizing for these devices.